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Our Farms

Pasupati Group’s shrimp farms are located in the east coast of India. In  Mandarmani & Rasulpur, farms are spread across 36 hectares. These farms uses only high quality seed from CP and Oceanaa hatcheries(SPF & BAP Certified). Also these farms maintains high protein nutritious feed from CP Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd. (BAP Certified), NO ANTIBIOTIC , Bio security measures, water purity and adherence to BAP guidelines ensure the most sought after shrimp. Primary motive of the farmers are to carry out sustainable shrimp farming with eco-friendly behavior and maintain total tractability from farm to fork.

  • Total water spread area under shrimp culture= 36 hectares.
  • Total Production (out put) :
  • Shrimp seed stocking density/square metre=60 Pices : 27 million seed @ 80% survival rate for average shrimp
  • Marketable size-540 MT per crop x 2 crop=1080 MT/Year

Pasupati Group’s maintain following criteria during the shrimp farming

  • Community & employee relations
  • Water safety & quality control
  • Biodiversity & wild life protection also Mangrove & wet land conservations
  • Effluent management & Storage disposal of farm supplies & wastes
  • Soil & water conservation,sediment control
  • Fish meal & fish oil conservations
  • Stocking sources & GMO’s
  • Drug & chemical management
  • Microbial sanitation,higine,harvest & transport
  • Diseases control
  • Environment & food safety

Pasupati Groups is proud to providing training and general awareness programmes to disseminate the most modern farming techniques including

  • Pond Preparation for sustainable aquaculture yields
  • Water Management replicates the ideal conditions of a natural habitat
  • Effective Feeding Management like feeding time, tray feeding etc..take pride in offering support services to farmers to help them minimize feed losses by ensuring regular distribution throught the ecosystem
  • Seed Stocking by selection of post larvae stage (PL)
  • Probiotics best uses
  • Contract Farming for support the local community as well as increase productivity by supplied of seed & feed.The harvest is bought back by the Group,providing the farmer a risk free,profitable means of livehood.
  • Latest scientific methods of Harvesting
  • Latest scientific methods of harvesting and employing skilled workers ensure the best catch without injury to the shrimp.Qualified technicians supervises the harvest day after day.
  • Target season- we are on the mercy of foreign buyers.
  • Demand and supply theory-awareness of the farmers about international market trend.
  • Target size & count
  • Judicious post harvest handling at farm level-Food safety
  • Bonding between farmers and processors is the key to long term success
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